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Guardian Group Chambers & Associates of Cambodia, we approach the practice of law from a unique perspective. We prefer using innovative solutions to solving problems as opposed to traditional methods. We constantly improve our law practice by keeping ourselves abreast of the legal developments all the time. We are results oriented and client success is very important to us. We believe that keeping our clients fully informed is crucial to achieving desired business goals.

Client Services
Our firm is engaged in the practice of law particularly in the areas of Corporations and Business; Intellectual Property Law; Immigration Law; Labor and Employment; Civil & Family Law including Adoption and Annulment of Marriage; Advertising and Mass Media, Information and Communications Technology, Outsourcing, Telecommunications, and Criminal Law. We also assist and provide legal advice to foreign businesses desiring to establish their operations in the Cambodia. Our Firm is also an accredited Notary.

Our Clients
Our clients are both local and foreign. From individuals, small and medium size businesses to large foreign companies who based their business decisions from our legal opinion regarding various issues about Cambodia Law.

Our Competitive Advantage
Reliability. We are committed to excellence and integrity of the legal profession. Client success is very important us. Our primary concern is to provide results oriented and cost-effective legal services. Competency.
Our lawyers have deeper knowledge, skills and experience about Asian Law. We prefer using innovative solutions to legal problems as opposed to traditional methods. Accessibility. Our office is located in the heart of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia.
We are using a high-technology Law Office infrastructure that would make us easily accessible to our clients. Our extranet services keep our clients fully informed about the status of their cases.

Our Fee Structure
We are charging our clients on a flat fee scheme. Additionally, we also charge certain amount for lawyer's appearance fee every time we appear in Court or Tribunal hearings. We also charge a competitive hourly rate for special projects, legal interviews and telephone consultation.

Our Philosophy regarding our fees
Our Firm competes on value and quality of our legal services rather than on low price. We usually attract clients who know the value of everything and the price of nothing. We always support the fees that we charge by the value and quality of our legal services, results that we obtain our knowledge, skills and experience about Cambodia law, and the convenience and accessibility of our lawyers. .


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Guardian Group Chambers & Associates of Cambodia, a full-service law firm, provides a broad range of service from general corporate and commercial advice, to litigation and dispute resolution.

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Guardian Group Chambers & Associates & of Cambodia is a full-service law firm dedicated to providing a wide range and variety of legal services to the local and international clients

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